I love you

I do

I freaking love and adore you

I would love to be able to be free with you

To be free to love you

To be on the receiving end of your full and undivided attention


Like you said tonight

I should cut it off at two, not three, strikes

But two

And you’re out



I guess that’s it

You tell me to be cool

To not be so sad about it

Because I knew it was goodbye


Good bye.

Strike two and you’re out.

I love you.

I will miss you.

But I guess that’s it.

And it’s for the best.

You know it’s what’s right.

And so do i.

We both should have done it a long time ago.

But we are weak human souls.


So yea.

We must say goodbye for now. 

And who knows.

Maybe one day things could be different.


Who knows.

Maybe I will give you that third strike.

We will see.

But no matter what happens.

We are cool.

And I count you a friend for life.

At the very least.
Until then.