No ifs, ands, or buts.

Its immediate.

You are cut off.

No hard feelings.

It’s not personal.


You are cut out of that warm affectionate place in my heart.

Relegated to a place where all acquaintances, friends, and neighbors reside.

Complete politesse.

And all feelings be damned.

Immediately thrown into the fire.

Burned and forgotten.

An often painful act.

But necessary.

And mandatory.


And immediate.

Without question.

Without hesitation.

Without exception.

Because I am likely already on the verge of being swept away at that point.

And I am probably already thinking of excuses

To give up my dreams

To change my plans.

Because I am probably already wondering where they are

And what they are doing

And who they are with.

I have fallen out of the present moment

Lost in a dream

A phantom moment

Wondering about someone else

In some other place

In some other time.