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17 02 05 – Strike Two and You’re Out

I love you

I do

I freaking love and adore you

I would love to be able to be free with you

To be free to love you

To be on the receiving end of your full and undivided attention

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17 01 28 – Working Backwards

For the longest time I have struggled with the question of

Where to begin? Continue reading “17 01 28 – Working Backwards”

17 01 28

I could write you a letter

Some sad pathetic letter

Trying desperately to break through the noise Continue reading “17 01 28”

Go get it. 

If you want something, go get it.

Just Do It

I just can’t wait anymore. I just have to start this.

I don’t know what this will turn out to be. It’s the complete opposite of what my usual over-planner self would do.

But I have to do it.

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