I just can’t wait anymore. I just have to start this.

I don’t know what this will turn out to be. It’s the complete opposite of what my usual over-planner self would do.

But I have to do it.

For one thing, the words and ideas seem to want to pour out of me.

But for another, even simply as an exercise, the very process of creating this thing will be good for me.

It’s an exercise in accountability.

… because knowing and doing are two different things …

And creativity.

… because it does not matter whether anyone ever sees any of this …

… or cares …

… or gets anything out of it …

… I’m still going to create it anyway …

And therapy.

… because doing the deep reflection and self-analysis, seeking clarity through communication, and contributing something good to the world are all good for my mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

In the past, I have had a tendency to get hung up on unimportant details.

Spinning my wheels. Reinventing wheels.

Or i become paralyzed with worry, fear, or doubt…

… but the time for that is done now.

Dont second-guess.

Dont filter.

Dont delay or postpone any longer.

Find a way to move past all that and overcome it.

It’s about progress, not perfection.

Anything is better than nothing.

Just get it out there.

Just do it.

Just get it done.