I love music. And I love to share music.

I believe music has the power to greatly influence our state-of-mind, including our mood, attitude, and energy levels.

  • I generally prefer up-beat songs with positive vibes. This ranges from ultra-mellow, uber-melodic, and chill, all the way to the most hard-core, hard-banging, high-energy House.
  • I do dabble with a dab of dub here and there, and I occasionally veer a bit towards the dark-side. But for the most part I keep it pretty happy, dance-able, and upbeat.
  • I find instrumental pieces (or at least those with minimal-lyrics) can block out background noise, minimize distractions, and help me focus my attention.
  • Any lyrics must be both exceptionally well-crafted, as well as 100% positive, thoughtful, meaningful, sincere.

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